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Bigfoot Band Camp Music Festival

Live Music / Art / Camping

Special Announcement

Bigfooters! We regret to inform you that Band Camp Productions LLC will not be hosting a 2014 Bigfoot Band Camp.

Bigfoot is growing and we have taken the summer off to evaluate offers from several new and exciting locations. This will allow us to bring you a bigger festival with better features at a more recognizable/accessible location.

WE Will be Back in 2015

We will keep the same concept! And never fear, the new location is AWESOME! It will take us to a whole new level, while still maintaining the same theme and vibe that makes Bigfoot a one-of-a-kind festival.

We would like to thank all the volunteers, all the amazingly talented artists and musicians, that built this into a unique event over the last 3 years! We would also like to thank the great fans who realize music and festivals should never be generic. It is everyone's support of live music that makes this event possible.

Gearing Up for 2015

If you have already experienced Bigfoot please stay tuned. If you have a friend that you would like to introduce to Bigfoot, please send them our link so they can also be friends with Bigfoot! Stay in touch by checking our facebook page, as we have some exciting special announcements coming!

Thank you all! Have a great summer filled with music and friends!


Future Event to be Announced.

Music lineup - 2013 Review:

Also featuring - 2013 Review:

  • Outdoor Yoga
  • Hula Hoop Dancers
  • Fire Performers
  • Arts and Crafts Vendors